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A Message about the SLO Jewish Film and Learning Festival 

For 14 years, the San Luis Obispo Jewish Film Festival has brought together our community to celebrate the diversity of the Jewish experience by presenting a broad spectrum of short films, dramas, comedies and documentaries from all over the world.

The Jewish Learning Festival, held at Cal Poly, has been a gathering of experts and individuals discussing the contemporary issues concerning the Jewish Community. After two years of COVID restrictions, we have had to adapt and adjust to assure that these cherished programs continue. This year we are delighted to share that the two events are now collaborating to present a richer, more meaningful experience for our audience. Our festival celebrates our shared humanity and the diversity of the Jewish experience around the world.

Enjoy an evening with Rain Pryor, discussing her Jewish and Black identities, walk through an exhibit at the Cal Poly Kennedy library spotlighting the rich history of Jewish heritage, and watch international films that capture moments in time that remind us to smile and embrace our differences. We are inspired by these stories and the filmmakers who make them. We believe in their power to overcome predjudice. 

This year we have decided to go back to our roots, gathering once again IN PERSON at the Palm Theater and at Cal Poly. In addition, we are delighted to partner with the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, where our slate of films will be available to watch online April 30 - May 7, 2023. A heartfelt thanks for the support of our donors, partners and volunteers, and their ongoing belief in the festival and its mission. 

Lauren Bandari & Muara C. Johnston

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